Invitation to a workshop on costs of biological invasions

A message from Franck Courchamp, Biodiversity Dynamics, Lab of Ecologie, Systematique & Evolution, Université Paris-Sud

Dear colleagues,

With my group, we are organizing a 3 days workshop to exploit our newly completed global database on the economic costs of biological invasions: InvaCost.

The workshop will be held mid-November, in a very nice setting near Paris, France. The objective of this workshop is to analyse the database and produce papers on various aspects of the database, and we would like to invite a number of Early Career Researchers to participate.

All the details are given here:

If you are a senior expert of biological invasions, we would like to ask you to either suggest me an Early Career Researchers (for example a PhD or a Postdoc in your group) and/or forward this message to your network. If you are an ECR and interested, please contact me via email (after checking the web page above). We would like the colleagues taking part of this workshop to lead one paper on an area they are expert on, in addition to potentially participating to other papers.

If the selected candidates don’t have a grant that can cover the travel to France and workshop costs (we don’t have a precise fee yet, but it might be around 200€ per days, including food, accommodation, registration), we will cover the entirety of these costs for the ECRs selected. We plan to invite 10-20 ERC (depending on the global travel costs).

Please visit the website for more information.