Updates on ICOM NATHIST 2023 Annual Conference in Costa Rica

Conferencia Anual ICOM NATHIST 2023, Costa Rica


Realize Sustainability!
Museums as agents for social and environmental development 
¡Realizar la sostenibilidad!
Los museos como agentes de desarrollo social y medioambiental

Agenda: Download PDF (ENPDF(ES)


Agenda for NATHIST 2023 Annual Conference

Call for Papers (until 15th July): Download Word file(EN) & Word file(ES), or click for details here>> https://icomnathist.com/2023/06/13/call-for-papers-…ce-in-costa-rica/
Student Bursary Application (until 15th July): Download Word file(EN)& PDF(ES), or click for details here>> https://icomnathist.com/2023/06/13/student-bursary-…-for-application/


Details concerning fees, accommodations, and registration will be updated soon!