Information for ICOM Prague 2022: Program and abstracts

We are counting down 48 hours until the ICOM Prague 2022 starts.

Please find NATHIST overall program below
ICOM Prague 2022 program for NATHIST

22-23 August
For the program and the abstracts for the UMAC-NATHIST-ICME-ICR Joint Annual Conference, please find them from the links below:
📝[Program]  Joint Annual Conference
📝[Abstract] (Much obliged to UMAC colleagues’ efforts in putting all the abstracts together😊)

25 August

For the program and the abstracts for NATHIST’s Offsite Meeting at the National Museum, please find them in the link below:

25 Aug Offsite Meeting Program


26 August

If you choose to join the excursion to Brno as the Official website suggested ( “The father of modern genetics: A day with Johann Gregor Mendel in Brno”), please find more information over here:


Looking forward to meeting you in Prague!