Letter from CETAF

Dear colleagues,

As you know, CETAF, alongside DiSSCo, launched,  aa task force gathering experts from our domain to provide a knowledge base that will: 1) support the work being done by other multidisciplinary teams (majorly in the biomedical domain) in tackling COVID-19 and finding the necessary treatments to fight this pandemic, and 2) more importantly,  contribute to prevent future health crises and mitigate their effects.

Since the COVID-19 TaF was created, more than 50 experts from around the world have joined the group, the community is taking action! and together, we have constituted a well-grounded, very enthusiastic and highly motivated team that aims to produce tangible results within the next few weeks.

The COVID-19 TaF meets  every Friday and our work is already well under. Within the identified areas of interest (biologic references, bioinformatics analysis data, publication of data and infrastructure services), we have structured our work around 4 activities :

  1. Post-COVID prioritisation of research foci on animal virus carriers
  2. Develop guidelines for the preservation of viral evidence in deposited biological specimens and samples
  3. Develop a biodiversity-related knowledge hub on COVID-19
  4. Improve metadata registering practices on genetic material deposition

More and more organizations are actively joining are supportive and already involved in this initiative of our community, including SPNHC, GBIF, iDigBio, TDWG, GLoBi, Plazi and Pensoft.

Of course, if interested, you may join the team. You just need to fill in the form and get involved!

We will update you regularly on the Task Force’s progress;  stay tuned by visiting the COVID-19 TaF webpage where you can find detailed information on the activities, leaders and participants.

All together, we can do our part in overcoming the global health crisis by broadening and strengthening the resources available with the bio and geo-diversity knowledge and expertise we hold. Please spread the voice and share this information among your colleagues and throughout your networks.

With our best regards,



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