Important conference update for speakers

Dear NATHIST Kyoto speakers,

We wish to make you two requests about your presentations of the NATHIST sessions at ICOM Kyoto 2019.

First one is submission of your presentation data for preparation of simultaneous interpretation (English to Japanese only).

Please refer to the attached PDF file and send your slide data in PPT format or PDF format to Ms. Arai at with a CC to (Interpretation Service of the ICOM KYOTO 2019).

Subject of the mail should be “NATHIST, (the day and time of your session), (your name)”.
The deadline is on August 23rd 12:00JST. Please send her your file even if it is not the final Version.

You do not have to send her anything but slide data file. Full-text data is going to be sent from us to the simultaneous interpretation company.

Another one is about the day you have presentation.
We would like you to check if your presentation slide data works correctly on the PC at the session room before each session starts.

Please come to the room with your slide data in USB-Memory/CD-ROM and complete copying and checking slide data by at least 10 minutes before each session starts.
First half of speakers of Session 1 “Global issue” should copy their data to the PC in the room C-2 by 14:20, and last half of speakers of “Global Issue” should complete copying and checking by 16:20.

Speakers of Session2 “Disaster Management” should copy their data to the PC at Room IMH-102 (Inamori Memorial Hall, the Satellite Venue) by 15:05 Sep. 3rd.

As to the session room and time, check the NATHIST programme which we attached in Word format. In addition, we have been informed that we cannot play DVDs in the venue due to equipment.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Kiyohito Hamada, Japan working team for NATHIST 2019 Conference

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NATHIST Program (updated) NATHIST2019Programme

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