New Pamphlet Out for NATHIST

We are very happy to announce a new brochure for NATHIST for 2018. The document is an introduction to the committee and covers our current key projects, as well as contact information and instructions for joining both ICOM and NATHIST.

tri-fold diagramWe encourage NATHIST members to download copies, bring them to conferences and museum departments and distribute them wherever people might be interested in seeing them.

The pamphlet is available in PDF form, at the following link nathist brochure 2018 and, for proper viewing should printed double sided and folded in three, in a tri-fold shape (shown to the right).

If you don’t have Adobe PDF Reader, it can be downloaded at this link.

This brochure will also be able to be downloaded from our “About NATHIST” page , which has general information and the contact details for our board members and the Secretariat.

The pamphlet is, at the moment, only published in English. If you are interested in translating it into the language of your region, please discuss it with us using the contact page on this website.