New Co-Opted Board Member

The Board of ICOM NATHIST is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Shih-yu Hung as a co-opted Board member. Shih-yu Hung is the Director of the National Taiwan Museum, Republic of China. He replaces Mr. Chi-ming (Jimmy) Chen and will remain until the elections at the 2019 Annual General Meeting in Kyoto, Japan.

Shih-yu Hung has been devoted his research and career on cultural planning and heritage conservation.  He was the Head of Department of General Planning of the Ministry of Culture and has become Director of National Taiwan Museum since 2016.

The National Taiwan Museum was established in 1908 and is the oldest natural history museum in Taiwan.  It focuses its collections and research on anthropology, earth sciences, zoology, and botany of Taiwan.  The Museum aims to broaden visitors’ view of nature and culture, and to enhance the strong bond between people and the environment. They were the consummate hosts of the 2015 international conference of ICOM NATHIST.

Platform 2022.jpg

Already, the team from the National Taiwan Museum have taken a keen interest in ICOM NATHIST, supporting the redevelopment of the Platform 2022 website, an important project of our International Committee. The Board is very much looking forward to the continuance of the enthusiasm, energy and friendship the institution and its staff have show us for many years.