Important information on post-conference trips

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we are consolidating our post-conference trips, focusing only on Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s active research facility Powdermill Nature Reserve and Frank Lloyd Wright’s residential masterpiece, Fallingwater.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be going to Niagara Falls

These visits will be part of the same trip, on Sunday October 29. You can register for the trips at the conference website.

Powdermill Nature Reserve

sp11_StreamSurvey_3Powdermill Nature Reserve, the environmental research center of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, has been dedicated to its mission of research, education, and conservation for more than 50 years. It is a place for scientists, for students, and for families who are interested in the natural world. The Powdermill bird migration research program is home to the one of the longest continually running bird banding stations in the United States. A wide variety of public education programs serve children and adults. Researchers from around the world conduct diverse long- and short-term scientific studies in herpetology, botany, invertebrate zoology, and ornithology.


fallingwater-378309Fallingwater preserves Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, conserves the site for which it was designed, and interprets them and their history for present and future generations of the world community. In pursuing its work, Fallingwater demonstrates leadership and creativity, engages the public, and celebrates the power of design in harmony with nature. Its approach is collaborative and it meets the highest recognized standards of museum and preservation practices.