Call for Workshop and Session Topics, ICOM NATHIST 2017

ICOM NATHIST conferences frequently include workshops on special topics and sessions of spoken papers. These have been very successful in providing the opportunity for special interest groups to spend time on a particular topic. One such special session resulted in our upcoming book The Future of Natural History Museums and every year the Wildlife Trafficking Working Group holds a special session for its members and interested parties.

In 2017, we offer you the opportunity to suggest themes as we lead up to our call for papers (March 1, 2017) by downloading this form and sending it in to us. icom-nathist-2017-proposal-for-sessions-and-workshop-topics-suggestions-final The deadline is February 20, 2017. 

What to expect:

A session:  a group of four or more individual spoken presentations, each about 15 minutes long, all on the same theme. You do not have to have individual papers or speakers identified at this stage, however if you do, please include them. If you do not obtain speakers for your session or, and the Planning Committee takes it forward, it will be included in the call for papers. Although there will be a poster session, session proposals are for spoken presentations only.

 A workshop: a facilitated symposium on a specific subject – can be free-form or highly structured, typically lasting about 90 minutes. It has the function of bringing together small groups, in which everyone present is requested to participate actively. A facilitator (perhaps you) has prepared the concepts and techniques they will present and discuss through a combination of visual materials, interactive tools or equipment, and demonstrations. It may include some take home material and may emphasize on “hand-on-practice” designed to teach or reinforce new skills. Small specialist workshops can be accommodated in a breakout room at the museum.

If you have difficulty accessing the form, or have specific questions, please use the online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you – your participation will ensure we all get the very best out of this meeting.