2016 Annual Conference

The 2016 annual conference of ICOM NATHIST was held in Milan, Italy, as part of the ICOM triennial General Assembly. The Board of ICOM NATHIST would like to thank our conference and venue hosts, as well as the members for making this a memorable meeting.

The theme for the conference was Natural History Museums in Cultural Landscapes.

Natural history institutions are repositories of natural material, frozen in time becoming evidence for environments that are no longer there. They are a conduit for creating authentic connections between people and the natural world and landscapes. They build new knowledge about species and the environments they inhabit. Through their exhibits, programs, collections, research and conservation action, natural history museums help to address a growing disconnect between humanity and the global ecosystems that sustain all life on earth, including people.

As visitor-based institutions they must be attuned to the topics that engage the public, the most effective modes of communication, as well as paying attention to whether their messages were adequately received. They are important part of the cultural landscape of contemporary societies and one sector full of opportunities and innovation. The 2016 conference of ICOM NATHIST will explore the latest achievements in these relationships.

Conference papers and minutes from the annual general meeting will be published in due course. Meanwhile, please enjoy these photos from the meeting, as well as some of the cultural events to which the participants were invited.