UMAC/NATHIST Symposium on Human Remains 7 July in Turin

ICOM NATHIST will join forces with ICOM’s International Committee for University and Museum Collections (UMAC) on a symposium on human remains.

As you have probably already seen in the program, UMAC will have its off-site day in Turin. The program includes a special session on human remains in university collections and visits to the local university museums, in particular to the Museo Lombroso and to the Museum of Human Anatomy.

This is symposium especially relevant to members of ICOM NATHIST, as many natural history museums actively collect and display human remains. Although the ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Museums covers standards for this activity, the topic has yet to be covered cohesively for our sector. As part of the day’s activities, we will hear from members of ICOM NATHIST who will present on case studies and legislation.

As we need to book buses to go from Milan to Turin, we have to know how many people will participate to the day. Due to the cost of the buses, there is a registration fee of of 20 Euros to those who will participate (to be paid cash in Milan).


A number of members have expressed the desire to get back to Milano in time for evening functions. There will be two busses. The ICOM NATHIST bus will take back any members of either NATHIST or UMAC who wish to come back earlier. We will organize the exact time on the morning of the excursion. Please come to the trip with your itinerary. We will not be able to wait for people who are late for the first return trip.

An opportunity for you to register for this trip will be provided at the beginning of the conference.