Research grant opportunity from Instrumentl

We all know how difficult finding funding for research can be. The the rapidly changing social media is now making available new possibilities that seemed impossible not that long ago. Take, for instance, Instrumentl, a company designed to help researchers raise money for their projects using crowd sourcing.

Instrumentl<> just recently launched a new initiative: “Grant Challenges”<

Grant Challenges offer an opportunity for researchers to win an Instrumentl Research Grant towards their crowdfunding campaign in a given field.

Katherine ThompsonFor instance, registration is now open for Fossil Challenge<>, Instrumentl award $500 towards one paleo researcher’s crowdfunding campaign. Interested researchers must register by entering their name and email address here< by Friday, October 2nd, and campaigns launch together on October 28th.

What is Instrumentl

Instrumentl is a company started in 2014 that helps researchers raise the money they need for their research. Researchers raise money through crowdfunding or by joining one of our