New Post-conference Tour Opportunity for Taiwan 2015

Our hosts have made available a very exciting opportunity for an optional post-conference tour to Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area. The two-day tour starts on Saturday October 24 and is free, thanks to the generosity of our hosts, the National Taiwan Museum. Click on this link this link  to find out more of this very special attraction in Taiwan.

Dasyueshan (Great Snow Mountain) National Forest Recreational Area is situated in Hopin township of Taichung County, and is accessible through Dasyueshan Forest Road. There are numerous mountain ranges and dense forests here. This 3963-hectare area ranges from 1000 to 2996 meters above sea level.The climate is humid and cool at 12ºC in mean annual temperature. This high-quality recreation destination attracts about 200,000 visitors each year.

The view from the Observatory.

The view from the Observatory.

This area is situated at the end of the Snow Mountain range, where it joins Shiaoshui Mountain and Anma Mountain, Boat-shaped Mountain and Shaolai Mountain ranges. The forest consists of a combination of cypresses, hemlocks and warm-zone broadleaf Fagaceae species, which many having giant specimens. Autumn, with its changing leaves, will be a particularly spectacular time of year to be there.

Despite the lateness of the invitation, it is an trip that is well worth it if you can go. For information on logistics, accommodation, what to bring with you etc., or to reserve a place please contact Emily Yuan directly on