February 2015, ICOM NATHIST signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, to undertake joint activities of mutual benefit for conservation of natural heritage. The crux of the MOU rests with two paragraphs that outline what we will do:

A – Common areas for joint activities, relate clearly to the ICOM NATHIST draft vision “The world’s natural history museums are coordinated in their efforts to understand, engage with and conserve global natural heritage” and mission “To be a global nexus for communication and activities that champion best practice in natural heritage” and the WAZA – World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy.

B – Support establishment of liaison between WAZA members and ICOM NATHIST members, in order to support, and assist in implementing at all levels, where appropriate, the research and information exchange, conservation, communication, education, and awareness activities of both organisations.

We’re very much looking forward to bringing you news of our latest developments.