ICOM NATHIST says goodbye to Luisa Rocha and welcomes Lynda Knowles

The Board of ICOM NATHIST expresses its sincere gratitude to Dr Luisa Maria Rocha, who steps down from the position of Secretary of ICOM NATHIST, which she has held since 2013. Luisa is Museologist at Environmental Museum Research Institute of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, which aims to facilitate dialogue with society about the conservation of biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Her publications cover topics about museum, heritage, science communication, botanical garden and the environment.  She is also a Professor in the Graduate Program in Museology and Heritage – UNIRIO / MAST, and two Specializations Courses on public communication of Science, Technology and Health and in Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage of Science and Health/ Fiocruz.

Lynda KnowlesWe are extremely pleased to announce that Lynda Knowles, from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the USA, has agreed to step into this role, effective this week. In the first instance, Lynda will serve a partial term until the NATHIST elections at our AGM in Milan in 2016. Read more about Lynda on our “About” page, here.

We’re very much looking forward to working with her and gaining from her considerable legal expertise, her energy and her passion for natural heritage.