Profile: Carlos Roberto F. Brandão, Keynote Speaker 2014 Conference

ICOM NATHIST is delighted to announce our second keynote speaker for the 2014 conference, Carlos Roberto F. Brandão, who will join with Frank Howarth in presenting perspectives on the future of natural history museums, specifically to use a working definition of curation to emphasize how natural history museums can increase their relevance in the contemporary world.

Carlos is presently Deputy Director of Institute of Advanced Studies of University (USP) of São Paulo, Brazil USP (2014-2018). Director (2001-2005), Full-Professor (from 1999 on) and Curator of the Hymenoptera Insects collection of the USP Museu de Zoologia. Hi is a member of National Council of Cultural Policies of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and holds a PhD in Biology, specializing in social insects behaviour, social evolution and community ecology of ants. Carlos is a Graduate Professor in Entomology and Zoology and has coordinated and coordinates research programs, integrates editorial committees in Brazil and elsewhere and in the cultural sector entities in Brazil. He is an Associate Researcher of the American Museum of Natural History and is a Member of the Executive Council of the International Council of Museums (2010-2013) and President of the Brazilian national committee (2006-2010). Carlos was President of the Organizing Committee of ICOM International Conference in Rio de Janeiro and organizer of ICOM South-South Museums Dialogue, both in 2013. Please see hi full CV at this link.

We are looking forward to his stimulating contributions to our 2014 conference.