Call for articles – Journal of Paleontological Techniques

Call for articles – Journal of Paleontological Techniques (reprinted from Linked-in Fossil Conservation Group) – click the picture above for a link to the Journal website.

, Executive Editor presso Journal of Paleontological Techniques

After encouragement of the group moderator, I’d like to take the chance to present our relatively young, free, and open access peer reviewed journal to the group members. As the title says, the Journal of Paleontological Techniques (JPT) focuses on techniques for fossil excavation, preparation, and conservation, as well as on methods and methodologies for paleontological research.
We accept articles, videos, and notes on:
· fossil preparation
· technology-related techniques applied to paleontology
· methods of collecting, digging, data-collecting, curation
· paleontological expedition reports
· any other topic of general interest to fossil preparators and paleontologists
· book reviews

Any professional, student or amateur palaeontologist or preparators are invited to submit their original manuscripts on the topic above. Three types of papers are accepted:
· Technical papers in paleontological methods, including test reports of preparation tools and material
· Excavation reports (e. g.: Suzuki et al., 2010)
· Collection reports (e. g.: McIntosh, J. S. (1981). Annotated catalogue of the dinosaurs (Reptilia, Archosauria) in the collections of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 18, 1–67.)
All papers will be peer-reviewed by professional paleontologists, and referees may choose to remain anonymous in their reviews. The articles are published as HTML and PDF documents accessible to anybody with Internet connections via the website Each volume of Journal of Paleontological Techniques is available free-of-charge to all persons with access to the World Wide Web. Articles will generally be published under the license CC BY, but researchers can choose any other creative commons license if they wish to do so.

Being entirely digital, publishing in The Journal of Paleontological Techniques has some important advantages against journals in print:
· fast publication times: each article has an independent number and is published with independent timing to any other article. Each article will be released once it is ready and the periodicity depends on the articles submitted.
· articles can include 3D animations or videos, in order to enhance understandability of the technique
· no page limit or page charges, though all articles are edited to optimize their realized information content
· no limits or charges for color illustrations, digital animations and other online tools.

Further info can be found on our homepage (attached below), on facebook (, or of course also through a personal comment on here linkedin. Already published articles can be found here:

We’d be very happy if you’d consider our journal for your next technical submission, and hope you’ll find the already published articles useful!

Many thanks to Evangelia for your encouragement, and the founding of this interesting group!